Branding and Promotions

These days most businesses understand the importance of brand awareness, even well known companies can’t afford to not make the most of opportunities available to them, always aware of the role it plays in turning prospective clients or customers into actual sales. We can make it easy for you to get your brand or message across. Simply contact our umbrella wholesale office in Cape Town with the details of the type of branding you have in mind and we’ll take it from there, no matter how large your order of branded golf umbrellas or any of the other products we offer.

Step 1: Giving us the necessary details for the order
Call or E-mail us and select the type of Umbrella you wish to brand onto, and specify the colour of the Umbrella. Specify the number of panels you wish to brand on, and wether it will be a '1 colour' print or multiple colour print (we would need the amount of colours that will be printed, as this effects the overall price).
Step 2: Supplying us with your brand image
We would need you to send us a high-quality version of your logo. We will have it 'mocked-up' onto an illustration (eg the image to the left), and we would then request a sign off of the 'mocked-up' artwork along with the approval of the quotation.
Step 3: Securing your production and branding
From the quotation that would be sent through to you, we would request a deposit amount to secure the production/branding of the requested amount of umbrellas. Once proof of payment/deposit has been received, production and or branding will commence immediately.
Step 4: Making you smile, with delivering your branded products
Once the discussed and confirmed production time has been completed, we will courier your newly branded Umbrellas to your office/store room/shop. We use various courier services to best suit your time frames and expected delivery.

Remember there are 5 points why you should be investing in your brand:

#1 Enhances marketing efforts If you have a recognised brand, you’ll be enhancing the efforts you make to market your products and services, because your target audience will be better able to connect and relate to you as a company already as a result of brand recognition.
#2 Establishes your business in the minds of prospective clients If you are always in the back of the minds of your target audience because of your corporate branding, then you are more likely to become their default choice.
#3 Your brand can help you target the right audience By making your brand noticeable in the right places, means that whenever you choose to engage your audience, recognition is already established and you are more likely to get a clearer message across
#4 Establishing yourself as an expert If you appear prominent in your area of business, in other words, if you stand out, then people are more likely to perceive you as an authority.
#5 Higher value perception If your brand is well-known, that power can eventually allow you to market your product or service as premium… you are the expert after all.